Investing in Commercial floor mats: Why is it important?

Cleaning an entrance mat is often much easier than cleaning the actual entryway floor. This is because mats are mobile, and are not expected to be 100% spotless. With the added ease of movement and more reasonable expectations, cleaning can occur more efficiently and at a lower total cost.

Although wear & tear isn’t a big deal on tile or other extremely hard types of flooring, wood, carpet, and linoleum are all subject to wear over time. Commercial floor mats can be used to cover up old worn spots, or used to prevent new ones.

Commercial Mats are worth investing for numerous reasons

Commercial floor mats are worth investing in for numerous reasons. It might just save you or a client a nasty fall, as well as to provide other benefits like cost saving, reduced wear and tear, and a positive branding experience. It’s better than a consumer-grade mat. Even if business owners have a larger mat that they purchased from a retailer, it won’t work as hard or look as good as a commercial floor mat will. That’s because commercial mats are made for high-traffic areas like stores and offices.

It cleans footwear. They are designed so that their surface actually scrapes the dirt, soils, and other particulates off of the shoes worn by customers and employees – so it doesn’t get tracked onto the interior floors. It absorbs moisture. On those days when the weather is rainy, snowy, or icy, a commercial mat will trap and hold the liquid that always seems to find its way indoors.

It’s easy to clean. Compare the time spent cleaning a floor mat to sweeping and/or mopping an entire business floor. It’s no contest. Less time spent dealing with dirty floors means more overall productivity from workers. It can improve aesthetics. It’s eco-friendly. Many commercial mats are made with post-consumer recycled material. So the business owner can feel better about buying something that helps the environment.

It’s slip resistant. Unlike many consumer mats, commercial mats are designed to remain in place and not slide around on a carpeted or hard surface floor – which eliminates the need to keep returning the mat to its intended spot.

It can go a long way towards preventing slip-and-fall accidents. If a customer or worker slips and falls, it can mean a costly lawsuit or worker’s compensation claim for the business owner. A commercial mat is an excellent preventative measure to keep this from happening in the first place.

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